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Asiando helps to utilize economic, environmental and social advantages of bamboo.

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Our Story

Despite being utilized since centuries, public knowledge and know-how regarding pros and cons of bamboo remain limited and superficial. Consequently, it is one of the most underrated and misread resources on our planet.

Asiando is striving to change this. We help to understand and harness the potentials of bamboo: As a renewable and versatile resource as well as a viable solution to numerous environmental challenges. Our services support commercial projects as well as social, environmental and scientific initiatives.

About us

Asiando Ltd. is a dedicated team of bamboo specialists, business consultants and environmental advisors sharing a passion for bamboo and the environment.

We consult in every aspect of the planning process of your prospective project and assist in realizing it - making sure it´s feasible, sustainable, eco-friendly and successful.

Connect with us to find out how we can help. We are looking forward to grow bamboo with you.

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No matter where you are right now

We can help your project at every stage

Idea phase

We help to evaluate and shape your ideas, no matter if its for a commercial project, environmental application or research purposes.

Project Development

Diligent preparation is the basis to success - the better the planning, the easier to get approvals and permits from municipalities.

Communicating your idea

We provide insights, strategies and help to create professional materials that communicate your idea with stakeholders, investors, communities and authorities.

Sustainable success

Implementing eco-friendly processes preserves nature and natural resources, securing a project´s long-term success through sustainable practices.

Modular & flexible

Our Service Portfolio

agricultural lots

Land & Location Surveys

We help to identify suitable farm land, check climate, topography and infrastructure, perform and interpret soil tests and advise on preparatory measures.

bamboo leafes

Choice of Bamboo & Technology

We recommend and source the right bamboo species for your project, considering climate and location as well as intended end-products. Further on, we identify the right machinery and technology in accordance to your requirements.


Feasibility & Risk Assessments

We take a deep look into your idea and verify if your bamboo business concept is feasible. A risk analysis helps to anticipate potential challenges and is the first step to develop appropriate measures.

project team

Project Development

Once feasibility has been verified, let your project be planned by professionals. We offer complete Business Planning Service, but can also focus on certain aspects such as Financial Planning or Stage Plans.

boy with laptop

Public Relations & Communication

Professionally planned communication of your business idea can make the difference in getting approvals by authorities, or getting further partners to join your project. Our tailor-made PR materials and strageties help you to make a lasting impression.


Sales & Marketing

We help your bamboo product when it comes up to market access and positioning and assist in sourcing customers for your quality bamboo products.

Benefit from our strengths

key Competences

Industry Expertise

Our team is actively working in the bamboo industry, enabling you to benefit from our insights into operations and technologies.

Agricultural Know-How

We constantly enhance our species knowledge and have plenty of hands-on expertise in bamboo cultivation, farm setup and farm management.

Market Knowledge

Asiando monitors market development of bamboo commodities and can connect buyers and suppliers.

Business Expertise

We have rich expertise in operations management and business development on multiple continents.

Strong cooperations

Asiando cooperates with other corporations, adding further competences to our portfolio while saving resources. See our partners below.

Professional network

Benefit from our growing international network of companies, experts, entrepreneurs, NGOs, investors and insitituions.

Versatile and renewable allrounder

Introduction to bamboo

Plant summary

Bamboo are perennial flowering grasses, botanically part of the subfamily Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae. Bamboos can be found on all continents, except Europe and Antarctica. Globally, over 1,500 bamboo species have been documented, divided into 115 genera.

Bamboo is mostly known for its culms, partially hollow and uniquely shaped through its distinctive nodes. Both total culm diameter and hole diameter greatly vary from species to species.

The same is for the size: While small species may barely reach a size of 1m, the culm height of a tropical giant bamboo can cross the 30m mark, and a culm diameter of 30cm. Bamboo has adapted to a range of topographic and climatic conditions and is comparably frugal in its requirements.

bamboo culms
working with bamboo

Renewable supply without replanting

From an economic perspective, it is important to understand the growth pattern of bamboo. Although it grows extraordinary fast in size (2nd fastest growth on Earth, after algae), it does need time to "mature", to harden and become woody.

Most bamboos reach maturity within 4-6 years. By that time, a bamboo culm has reached its peak mass and developed a range of favorable mechanical and chemical characteristics. Now it can be harvested and utilized for virtually countless applications.

Bamboo constantly produces new culms over decades and consequently allows continuous harvest patterns. Replanting is not required, as long as only matured culms are extracted. Exact specs are subject to the respective species.

Environmental multi-talent

Not every bamboo qualifies for commercial use. Yet, the ones that do combine fast growth and constant reproduction with excellent material properties.

In addition comes a range of environmental benefits: Bamboo is a strong carbon sequester, producing up to 35 percent more oxygen than a similarly-sized hard wood tree. Furthermore, it is beneficial for soil health and serves as habitat for countless mircrobes, insects and small animals. Strong rootedness effectively counters erosion and fortifies hills and riverbanks.

Properly managed, bamboo is a sustainable, renewable and ecologically highly valuable resource. Quality bamboo can not only susbtitute timber, plastic, and even steel in many fields - it can even be eaten, or utilized as energy crop.

bamboo leafes in the sky


Advantages of Bamboo

Fast and predictable plant growth
Reproduces automatically without replanting
Suitable for various growth conditions and climates
Undemanding in soil and fertilizer
Resilient against natural forces
Favorable mechanical and chemical properties
Wide range of commercial applications
Effective in various environmental applications
Positive impacts on soil and fauna
Strong Carbon sink and Oxygen producer

Key product segments manufactured from bamboo

Commodity products

bamboo building

Construction materials

Bamboo is a versatile material in construction, from basic housing structures to modern urban architecture.

bamboo parquet

Floorings & Parquets

High tensile strength and hardness are ideal for the fabrication of high-quality floorings, parquets and panels.

crumpled paper

Paper & Pulp

Bamboo poles provide excellent fibers for paper and pulp products. Together with hemp, it is the economically best source for pulp.

bamboo chairs

Furniture and handicraft

Excellent machinability is the basis for beautiful comtemporary furniture and countless articles of daily use, manufactured from bamboo.

fabric roll

Textile products

Strong and durable yarns for textile products can be produced through the viscose process.

chemical flask

Biochemical products

A wide range of further products can be produced from bamboo, from cosmetics to oils and even fuel.

Burnout for fossil fuels

Energy products

energy grid

Direct energy generation

With technologies like gasification and combustion, chipped bamboo can be used as feedstock for biomass power plants.

bamboo pellets

Bamboo pellets & chips

Bamboo pellets are an excellent energy carrier for co-firing in conventional power plants, CHP units as well as private heating systems.

bamboo charcoal

Charcoal & briquets

Traditional bamboo kilns or modern pyrolysis technology allow to produce charcoal, and even filters in form of activated carbon.

For a greener tomorrow

Environmental applications

bamboo plants

Parks and Natural Barriers

Bamboo creates refreshing recreational areas. It can also be planted as wind-breaker or natural barrier to maintain privacy.

bamboo culms in forest

Recultivation and Reforestation

Bamboo is ideal for a lasting recultivation of former mining areas and wastelands.

bamboo shoot

Erosion-preventive measures

Its´ thick and fast growing root & rhyzome system effectively prevents erosion along hillsides and riverbanks.


Quick answers to most common queries

Asiando doesn´t distribute bamboo seedlings. However, we are able to source seedlings from various international suppliers, depending on the required species and propagation method.

Every client is different, and so is every business idea or challenge. Asiando adjusts to that and provides individual consulting. The more information about your idea or requirement you can provide, the better we can understand your situation and respond accordingly. For new clients, we also use a Form to collect core information.

Asiando is not trading bamboo poles or bamboo commodities. Yet we can connect buyers and suppliers from our international network, both regionally and globally, depending on product and area.

Asiando uses a transparent pricing and billing system, which allows great cost control and fair conditions for both consultant and client. We individually calculate every service offer prior to commencement of work - and make sure you understand everything. Once you give green light, our journey begins.

Yes, Asiando consults internationally. Although we use modern communications technology wherever possible to minimize travel emissions and related costs, it isn´t always possible, neither practical. In such cases, travel expenses for Asiando staff have to be shouldered by the client, unless otherwise agreed upon. Asiando follows the Overseas scale rates supplied by HM Revenue & Customs, unless special circumstances apply.

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